So, I am Annie and this < is my boyfriend Manny! (picture shows in different places depending on how you are reading this so sorry if the arrow is pointing in the wrong direction!) Β I have always loved reading and staying up to date withΒ blogs, particularly those that are travel and food based -Manny and I love to eat out and we both love to travel.

Last summer weΒ went away on our first trip together and we were asked so many questions about where exactly it was that we had been, where we stayed, what we did etc. and so I thought, why not put my love of blogs to use and produce one of our own?! So here we are! Obviously, due to the fact that we are both students we can’t afford to travel the world and eat out all of the time but we will try and post fairly frequently! Restaurant posts will be about places in Warwickshire and Nottingham areas.

Although I read other blogs, it is a bit different producing your own so I will welcome any feedback as well as any questions!

Annie x



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