When Annie met Manny

Franco Manca – London


My dad was in London for a meeting and so we decided to meet up for dinner after work. Manny had actually mentioned before how good Franco Manca is and it is always really busy so we decided to try it out.

The atmosphere was great and as soon as we sat down we knew it was somewhere we would enjoy being.

The menu is very simple but at the same time offers a good choice and also allows for the addition of extra toppings so you can have your pizza exactly how you like it. There are also specials that act as a nice addition to the simple menu.

My dad chose the veggie special and I had one with chorizo on, we also ordered extra olives!

The pizzas were sooooo good! Although they were very simple, the ingredients tasted fresh and of high quality, providing great flavour.

The pizzas were also super cheap and amazing value for money. I would recommend visiting here without hesitation!
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