Kua Aina – London

I walk past Kua Aina every day on my way back from work and it always seems to be bustling with lots of people and a great atmosphere.

My family came to visit me last weekend and we decided to try it out. Inside the restaurant is bright and unique with colourful decor and neon lights.

The menu is mainly made up of burgers but there are also some delicious looking salads and nibbles.


We all ordered something different and all of the food was really nice. The only issues were that the salads were supposed to have croutons in but didn’t and my dad had the chilli cheese burger for which they could have definitely been more generous with the toppings.


This restaurant definitely seems to be popular with other people and although it wasn’t ‘wow’ it was still a nice place to eat at and we had a lovely time!

Let us know what you think if you do try it out!

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