Olivelli’s – London

Olivelli’s is just a two minute walk from my flat and because we love Italian food so much we had to try it!

It was very quiet for a Saturday night and I think that’s because it’s not on the main road that people tend to walk down. Nonetheless, there were still people there along with a very nice atmosphere.

To start, we ordered garlic bread (which actually came with our mains) and was really fresh and warm. For mains, I had beef and Manny had chicken and we both thoroughly enjoyed the food.

As you know Manny can get a little over excited about food…

It was also really good value for money which is always a nice bonus.

We would both recommend it as a place to it however, if you want to go somewhere that is filled with people this is probably not the best choice.

Let us know what you think if you try it out! Don’t forget to subscribe to see where we go next. You can also follow us on Instagram to stay up to date @whenannymetmanny




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