Jamie’s Italian – Nottingham

Jamie's italian (1)We haven’t been out for dinner in what feels like ages and after spending endless days in the library we thought we deserved to go somewhere nice! We have both been to Jamie’s Italian in Birmingham but were yet to visit to the Nottingham restaurant.

The restaurant is in an area of Nottingham that we haven’t really ventured into before, and it is set in a beautiful big house – you almost don’t realise that it’s a restaurant!


Thanks to the gorgeous weather we were able to sit outside in the lovely garden. The menu offers a range of choices, all consisting of a wonderful mix of ingredients. They also have a really yummy cocktail menu so I was happy!


From the set menu, we decided we would both have a main course and dessert and also treat ourselves to some ‘ultimate garlic bread’ which we had assumed would come as a starter but actually came with the mains. Nonetheless, it was delicious!

For main course, Manny had Sicilian chicken, which was half a free-range boneless chicken in a spicy tomato, aubergine & leccino olive sauce. The size of the dish was great and, although it was a little oily, he really enjoyed it.
I chose steak, not the most adventurous I know but it was really yummy. Having said this, it was topped with garlic butter which was actually quite salty and made me very thirsty. Luckily I had a delicious cocktail to enjoy!


My food did also come with fries which you can’t see in the picture!


For dessert, Manny chose the chocolate brownie which, to his delight, was served warm with salted caramel ice cream and pop corn! I had tiramisu which, to my surprise was served upside down and in a small bowl which made it quite difficult to eat. Unfortunately the tiramisu itself wasn’t the nicest I’ve had, though I have definitely been spoilt by my mum’s amazing dessert making skills!


Overall we had a lovely meal in a lovely setting. However, when eating at somewhere such as Jamie’s, the problem is that there is such a high expectation for the food – you almost expect it to be perfect! Although our meal was really tasty, there were a couple of things letting it down which prevented it from reaching the extreme deliciousness that we anticipated. Having said this, you can taste the quality and freshness of ingredients and we would definitely recommend eating here, even more so because they are doing a great set menu at the moment which is two courses for £15.

Let us know what you think if you try it out. In the mean time, see what we’ve been up to by checking out our Instagram: @whenanniemetmanny x



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