MOD – Nottingham

You may or may not have read our post comparing Inferno & Stonebaked Pizza; if you have, you will know that Inferno is our favourite place to go for pizza. If you haven’t, you can read the blog postΒ here.
Since posting, Stonebaked Pizza has closed, unfortunately it was no match for Inferno!

Last time I was in Nottingham, we decided it was about time to try out Inferno’s other competition: MOD Pizza. The style of the restaurant is pretty much exactly the same; you choose your base, your cheese and your toppings as you go along.


The staff were very friendly and getting our pizza’s was a speedy process. The restaurant also offers homemade lemonades which we had to try, obviously. They were very yummy but very sweet which meant it was difficult to drink a lot.


Manny gets way too excited about food



We both opted for most of the meats and veg available, making the most of the unlimited toppings!Β The food was very yummy and we would definitely recommend going if you are a pizza lover! Like at Inferno, it is so nice being able to choose exactly what you want, and how much of it, on your pizza.Β Inferno will always be our favourite but this is definitely a close runner up!

*Since posting this, we revisited MOD and were really disappointed with the service. There was a sense that the staff we rushing us through and wanted us to have as few toppings as possible. There was a real lack of warmth which was a shame because the food was still really good!

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