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Bella Italia – Nottingham

This is a very late post but for Valentine’s day we went to Bella Italia; we chose it because I’ve actually never been before and Manny hadn’t yet been to the one in Nottingham. They were also doing a reasonably priced, tasty looking Valentine’s Day menu!

When we arrived it was fairly busy – not super busy but still a good amount of people. Having said this, there seemed to be very few members of staff, especially considering it was Valentine’s Day; we had to wait for a while to be seated but we didn’t mind!

To start, Manny had mushrooms on toast and I had calamari; Manny’s was really yummy however mine was pretty average and not very warm.

IMG_6424 (2)


For main course I chose the ‘Pollo pancetta lasagne’ and Manny chose a pizza. After waiting around an hour for our main course we were both starving! The food was nice but nothing special. Manny’s pizza was also missing a topping and instead had the random addition of a pea?!

IMG_6422 (2)

We decided to order shot desserts as we thought it would be nice to try a mix of things. I guess the good thing about our dessert taking so long to arrive was that we weren’t too full to eat it. The shots were really yummy and it was nice to have a few small things!


Overall the experience was actually really disappointing. Yes, the food was nice but in no way did it make up for the service that was not only excruciatingly slow, but also not great in general. Everyone around us also seemed disappointed and we actually heard someone complain about having been waiting an hour and a half for their starters to arrive – we would both be apprehensive about going back or recommending the restaurant to others. 



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