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Bill’s – Leamington Spa

Spontaneous, last minute meals out tend to be extra yummy – lately we have been going to a lot of similar places and fancied something different. I have been to Bill’s once before ages ago but Manny hadn’t been at all – so we decided, accompanied by my family, that we would go!
I love the menu at Bill’s as it offers such a big range of food, the only problem is that it’s it’s so hard to choose what do eat! The good thing, however, is that there is something for everyone and you can keep going back and having something different.

I had a chicken burger with sweet potato fries (yum!) and Manny had ribs. The burger itself was massive and slightly bland but I still enjoyed it. Manny loved his food, obviously. My mum had a salad, my dad had a fish pie and Harry & Poppy both had burgers – everyone really enjoyed their food.




Mum’s  superfood salad


Manny’s ribs!


We also ended up being back at Bill’s a week later for my birthday brunch! As expected, it was delicious! Manny, my dad and I all had eggs Benedict – I had mine with a potato rosti, obviously (for anyone who doesn’t know, I am completely obsessed with potatoes – they’re amazing!). It turned out to be much more like a potato cake than a rosti but it was still super yummy!

My mum had a full English which also looked delicious but unfortunately, in all the birthday excitement I didn’t get a photo!


My breakfast with an added potato rosti

The atmosphere in Bill’s is great and I love the decor – we both recommend it for brunch/lunch/dinner/whatever you want! Having said this, I do think that some dishes are a lot better than others – perhaps they should cut down the menu and focus on the things that are extra yummy.


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