Inferno vs Stonebaked Pizza co. – Nottingham

*UPDATE: Stonebaked Pizza is now closed! Unfortunately they were no match for Inferno*

If you asked Manny or I where the best place to go for pizza is, we would definitely tell you Inferno. One evening when we were wandering around Nottingham trying to decide where to eat and we ended up outside Inferno, and were persuaded to venture inside by a member of staff. The set up of the restaurant is similar to that of Subway. You start off with what sauce you would like for your base, move on to cheese, vegetables, meats and then you watch as your pizza is cooked for you in a big oven! The best part is, it’s unlimited toppings – so you can actually say no please can you put more on! – and it’s all for £8.95! There is a really great wide range of toppings that you can choose from and of course, no surprise, Manny’s pizza was piled high with the majority of them!

The decor is pretty funky – (I don’t have a good picture sorry although you can kind of see it in the picture of Manny!) and it’s very casual. Most of the time Manny and I don’t eat there and we get the pizza to take away.

Another bonus of the place is that the staff are all great, they are chatty and everything is personalised – your name is written down and at each stage they ask you, by name, what you would like on your pizza! – Basically, it’s a great place to go and get pizza and Manny and I have been lots of times.

Up until recently, Inferno was the only place like this in Nottingham however, now there is Stonebaked Pizza Co. just a two minute walk away! Due to the fact the restaurant is new to Nottingham, there have been tons of introductory offers and so of course, Manny and I decided to go with two of our friends to see what it was like, and how it compared to our beloved Inferno!

The restaurant was exactly the same set up – ‘Subway style’ again – and the choice of ingredients was very similar. The service was noticeably slower however there weren’t as many staff working and you do have to bear in mind that it is a new place and staff will still be getting the hang of things. One difference between Inferno and Stonebaked Pizza is that once you have chosen all of your toppings and the pizza is in the oven, it is brought over to you. – At Inferno you wait for your pizza to be cooked and then you take it.

The main difference between the two places is that, although still casual, Stonebaked Pizza is somewhere you would be more likely to want to sit down and eat in than Inferno.

Overall, both places are great and we would recommend trying them out! We will always be slightly biased towards Inferno because we love it so much but Stonebaked Pizza is definitely going to give Inferno a run for its money!



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