Prezzo – Leamington Spa

So, here we are – another well known Italian restaurant chain. Prezzo is not somewhere that I ever thought much of until a few months ago when I went with my family and we had a really lovely meal. Manny and I were in Leamington last week and decided to go somewhere nice for lunch; with a tastecard you can get a 2 for 1 deal across everything at Prezzo so we thought why not give it a go!

It was a Monday day time and so the restaurant was nearly completely empty. Nevertheless, it was still a really nice set up and there was still a nice atmosphere.


I chose the two burgers – one (apparently) came with pesto which I could not taste at all, and the other was with prosciutto.Β They were nothing special and they weren’t wow but they were still nice.

Manny went for a chicken dish that came with mashed potato. We can both say without a doubt it was the nicest mashed potato we have ever tasted – it was amazing! (Typing this is making me want more!)



Because we didn’t have starters, there was room for dessert – much to Manny’s delight of course. Manny chose cheesecake, surprise surprise, and I had an amaretto trifle which was very strong and very yummy!


The service was good, the food was nice (especially the mash!!)Β and it was all for an amazing price because of our 2 for 1 offer! We would both recommend it as a nice place to eat, however it is not at the top of our list.


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