When Annie met Manny

Cardona, Spain


This was Manny’s first time away with my family and we had a lovely wonderful time! We stayed in a little town called Cardona which is a small town in Catalonia.

One of the things that were nice about the town was the lack of tourists – we seemed to be the only ones there! We were staying in a gorgeous villa that had a wonderful view and a pool and because it was so nice we spent lots of our time just relaxing there and not going out.

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When we did venture out into the town there were lots of great little shops and cafes and we ate out a few times and experienced traditional Catalan food. Knowing what was on the menu was a fairly lengthy process and meant a waiter translating Catalan into Spanish and my mum then translating this into English for us!

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The weather was great and it was very warm the whole time we were there. We all had a lovely relaxing week together and it was a great trip. Cardona is a really pretty town and it was nice to visit somewhere that was not filled with tourists!

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