When Annie met Manny

Budapest, Hungary

Manny planned and told me about this trip for my birthday in January but because we were both doing summer internships, he booked it for September. It felt like we had been waiting forever so we were sooo excited when it was finally time to go!

We arrived on the Monday and after visiting the gorgeous apartment Manny booked for us we were desperate for some food! We found a lovely pub which was a two-minute walk away and decided to eat there. Manny opted for a traditional Hungarian meal and I had pizza! Both of our meals were really yummy and we were absolutely stuffed by the time we had finished.





After our massive meal we were both exhausted and too full to eat anything else that day, which is a very rare occurrence for Manny! In the evening we went on a lovely little walk to have a bit of an explore.

On Tuesday, we got up bright and early and went to visit St Stephen’s Basilica. It was beautiful. We decided it was definitely worth going up to the tower and so we climbed the 364 steps to the top! It was 100% worth it for the breathtaking views.


IMG_9412 (Edited)IMG_9434IMG_9450



IMG_9452 (Edited)

By the time we left the Basilica we were starving and decided to find somewhere for lunch. You probably know by now how much we LOVE Italian food and we found the cutest little Italian restaurant close to the Basilica. The food was amazing and it was honestly one of the best carbonara’s I’ve ever had!

IMG_9462IMG_9453 (Edited)

After we had eaten, we went to see the shoes on the Danube which is a memorial designed to honour so of the people who were killed in Budapest during the Second World War. These individuals were ordered to take off their shoes and were shot at the edge of the water so that their bodies fell into the river and were carried away. The memorial represents the shoes that were left behind on the bank.


For Manny’s birthday (which was in July), I had booked for us to go on a late night river cruise. To my delight, this actually included two cocktails each and, since Manny doesn’t drink, it meant there were four for me! The cruise was incredible and we were able to see lots of beautiful buildings.
I booked the on Viator which is the same company we used for the Auschwitz tour and I would definitely recommend the company!





We were, of course, determined to visit the thermal baths whilst in Budapest and, after spending most of Tuesday afternoon finding somewhere that sold swimming shorts since Manny forgot to bring any, we went to visit them on Wednesday. As the baths were a bit further away, we decided to see if there was anything nearby and funnily enough there was a zoo. We took the metro there and spent three hours at the zoo before going to the thermal baths which were just across the road!

The zoo was amazing – it was so big and there was a great mix of animals. We would recommend it as something to do when visiting Budapest, particularly if you are taking time to travel to the baths!



We had a wonderful trip and would have loved to have spent lots more time in Budapest. We would be more than happy to give out tips and advice for anyone who is considering visiting this wonderful city! We stayed in Pest which we would definitely recommend doing as we were so close to everything!

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