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Our day in ‘Dam

If you haven’t already read our blog post on Eindhoven, Manny and I went on a short trip to the Netherlands at the beginning of January. We stayed in Eindhoven due to the cheap flights & accommodation but we both really wanted to go to Amsterdam as Anne Frank’s house is somewhere we have both wanted to visit, particularly after visiting Auschwitz last summer.

We got the train from Eindhoven to Amsterdam early Wednesday morning and the journey was only about an hour and a half which meant, unfortunately, I didn’t have any excuse not to get some revision done on the way there.

When we first arrived we decided that we would just explore and have a wander, heading in the direction of Anne Frank’s house.  On the way, unsurprisingly we did stop to do a bit of shopping – I somehow manage to find a Zara in every city I visit which I love but my bank account definitely does not!


The hat was a new addition from Zara (thank you Manny!)


Manny’s face after smelling the Cheese Museum!



Manny knows I get weird about people in masks but he dragged me over to this guy – as you can tell from my face – I did not enjoy it at all!

Just as we made it to Anne Frank’s house, disaster struck, my phone died which is where our e-tickets were saved! We spent ages trying to log on to my email account on Manny’s phone without luck before discovering that they could just let us in and check our booking at the reception.

It was extremely busy and it probably took us an hour and a half to make our way through the house. There were lots of very steep stairs to climb and there were lots of short video clips being shown to provide you with more information and background about the Frank family. The house was much bigger than we thought it would be and there was a lot to take in. To me, being in the house felt very surreal and like when we visited Auschwitz, we both learnt a lot of things we didn’t already know.

If you are considering visiting the house, I 100% recommend booking! From morning to early afternoon the house is only open to people who have booked and after that, anyone can queue up and go in. However, the queue was massive and when we walked back past the house much later on – it hadn’t got any shorter!


For lunch, we found a lovely little cafe filled with fairy lights where we hid from the rain and both enjoyed a sandwich and a hot chocolate!

Once the rain had died down we wandered back into the centre. On the way, we stopped at the Tulip Museum. We didn’t actually go inside the museum however we ventured into the shop to get Manny’s aunty some tulip bulbs.


We decided that something we had to do was visit the  Red Light District and we actually went twice – at first, we went earlier on in the day when it was still light and so there wasn’t much going on. We decided to go back after dinner to get the ‘full experience’ when it was much busier.

For dinner we found a little Chinese restaurant offering a bargain set menu which we made the most of!


By the time we got back to Eindhoven it was almost 11 pm and we were shattered! We had a wonderful time in Amsterdam but the day went so quickly there were so many things we wanted to do but we just ran out of time!  We will definitely be going back and visiting some of the museums and exploring the places that we didn’t get a chance to go to.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t be going away again until September – it’s Manny’s turn to plan our anniversary trip but because I’m doing an internship all summer we are going in September instead of July. It’s a surprise so I have no idea where we are going eeek!

We have some new restaurant posts to publish so keep your eyes peeled and in the meantime, follow us on Instagram to see what we are getting up to! @whenanniemetmanny



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