When Annie met Manny

Eindhoven, Holland

We have both been itching to go away again and so decided that instead of doing Christmas presents, we would go on a short trip somewhere! Originally we had planned to go to Budapest but just as we were about to book the flights the prices went up crazy amounts.

We thought that instead of Budapest, and to save money we would stick to the UK and find somewhere nice to stay that neither of us has been to before. However, I had been so excited about going somewhere abroad that I kept looking at options. I stumbled upon flights to Eindhoven that were ridiculously cheap. We have both wanted to visit Anne Frank’s house so we looked into flying to Eindhoven and staying in Amsterdam for the whole time we were there but because it was such a last minute plan, there was nothing as nice (and cheap!!) as the places available in Eindhoven.

We flew to Eindhoven early Tuesday morning and spent the rest of the day exploring and wandering around the city.Β There were tons of shops and so we were both very happy!

When we are together we tend to eat quite late, so after popping back to the hotel for a while, at about 9.00 we ventured out to try and find somewhere to eat! We ended up down a very quiet street filled with little quaint restaurants – most of them covered in fairy lights. After checking out all of the options, we decided to go to a lovely little Mexican restaurant called Tortilla – the food was delicious!

On Wednesday morning we got up early so that we could have breakfast at the hotel before catching the train to Amsterdam. You can read about our day there here!

By Thursday we were both shattered from all of the walking around and the early mornings so we had breakfast fairly late and then spent the morning revising (the sad reality of being university students).

Once it had reached lunchtime, we decided to have another wander and found a fabulous cafe for lunch: The Happiness Cafe. Their focus was on delicious, healthy food and we both really enjoyed what we ate.

On our first day in Eindhoven, we had walked past a super cute cafe with fairy lights and blankets for sitting outside. After being reminded how much we both love hot chocolate when we went to Amsterdam, we decided to go back to this cafe and get one! Whilst there we noticed that a big restaurant opposite us had a long queue and according to the waitress, it was just a super cheap, super nice place to eat!

When we first arrived in Eindhoven we spotted a lovely little ice rink in the centre of the town and, after having pestered Manny the whole trip about going ice skating, he finally gave in and we went after our hot chocolates! At first, I think we both thought ‘Oh gosh, what have we done’ – neither of us dared to move on the ice but after about an hour we could both skate around the rink without touching the sides – yes!


After ice skating, we decided that we had to try out the popular restaurant we had seen and it did not disappoint! It was called Happy Italy and as you know, we both love Italian food so we were very happy! I went for pasta and Manny had pizza, they were both delicious and the portion sizes were massive! We both had leftovers which we took back with us to have for lunch the next day.


The trip was short but sweet and we had a lovely time! Eindhoven is fairly small with great shops and restaurants hidden away waiting to be discovered. We would both love to go back to Holland with more time and explore more of its cities.

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