When Annie met Manny

Barcelona, Spain


Before we flew back home from our holiday in Cardona, we stayed in Barcelona for a day. I’d not been to Barcelona before but Manny went last year and so he became tour guide for the day. We were staying at a hotel next to Barcelona airport and there were transfers into the city and to the airport at least once an hour and it was only a short journey to both places.

After having two girls give me strange looks in the toilets and having a bit of a crisis of confidence about what I was wearing we ventured into a big shopping center and Manny treated me to a whole new outfit! (I know I know, isn’t he lovely!)

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Trying to take a nice photo in the wind proved to be very difficult!

For lunch, we actually ended up eating at the same place that Manny had eaten at last year – it was a lovely Italian restaurant which had a great view of the marina. We both had pasta dishes and they were delicious!

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We spent the rest of our time wandering around the markets and window shopping before heading back to the hotel. It was definitely a jam packed day and by the time we left we were both shattered. With only a day there, there was so much we didn’t see and I would love to go back and see more! – 1 day in Barcelona is definitely not enough time!

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